When the Dust Settles is an insight into the mind of a speedway rider, and the romance of this dangerous sport.

Capturing the pre-race ambience of the Lakeside Hammers stadium and meditative mindset of racer Lewis Bridger, as the stadium’s music washes over him, the film’s dreamlike pacing challenges our preconceptions of motorsport.

With no brakes, gears or rear suspension, speedway bikes reach 60mph in under three seconds, as racers go head-to-head over four laps of an oval dirt track.

The Hammers’ home stadium is set amongst a maze of roads and what was once famously Europe’s largest shopping area – Lakeside in Essex – a gritty working class area.

When the Dust Settles captures the passion in the faces of the remaining die-hard fans, rooting for their favourite racers, in this all-but-forgotten sport.

“The biggest concern is that none of us know what’s around the corner. None of us know what’s coming up.”
– Lewis Bridger

Set to a beautifully subdued soundscape, the film creates an atmosphere that connects at a subconscious level with the rider, and his deep focus on the race ahead.